Ready To POP Launches with the support of birth advocate Abby Epstein

Nacia Walsh 2 9:48 AM
This past weekend marked the start of something fresh and new for pregnant women who want to stay fit....and dare I say have fun too!!

But first let me take you back in time....

Late one night, about 5 months ago, I scrambled to send a text to a dear friend of mine, Dee Kelly.

The text read something like this:
OMG. I've hit the motherlode. Just had an amazing idea.
Dee and I have been friends for 20 years. Not only is she an accomplished professional dancer, mother, and teacher at the Hudson Valley Conservatory, but she is also a huge advocate for women's right when it comes to pregnancy and birth.

When I finally spilled to her what I had envisioned, a dance class that was fun, sassy, filled with hip-opening movement, and muscle strengthening technique she confirmed for me what I already knew.

Women, during pregnancy and birth, need to MOVE!

Fast forward to this past weekend and Ready To Pop was BORN!
We celebrated the launch with an amazing party at Clear Yoga Studio in Rhinebeck, NY. The space was open, filled with light, and the perfect spot to host our guests.

The ladies (and even a few men) were treated with massages from Maternal Massage and Fitness owner Heather Kading.

Claire, one of my fabulous doula clients and the General Manager for the chic maternity line, Active Labor Gown, showed the versatility of the gowns. 
One lucky mama-to-be (and my demo model), Ellen went home with one!
We needed something to wash down delicious treats from NY Cake Poparazzi! (oreo cookie and brownie cake pops....WHAT!?!?!)

So, I was excited that Kim, from Glow on the GO juice shared some of her amazing new fall flavors. (my kids were sucking down the Coco Banana Blast) These fresh a delicious juices were a BIG hit with our guests.
Certified Nurse Midwife and ex-professional dancer, Nancey Rosensweig, touched upon the importance of movement during pregnancy and birth, even giving the example that the "figure 8" motion is a natural pattern many women intuitively make during labor.
Last, but certainly not least, I was honored to have Abby Epstein, Director and Executive Producer of The Business of Being Born, a movie that changed my life, speak about the importance of women having options all through out pregnancy.
Abby and Ricki Lake recently just executive produced a new film that I saw premiere at the Woodstock film festival, Breastmilk - The Movie. They are so committed to empowering mothers and thats why they rock.

No party is a party without some killer beats. After our fabulous speakers it was time to get our groove, with the help of DJ Mariano on the ones and twos.
With the help of a few brave ladies we gave a little taste of what to expect during a Ready To Pop class...lots of sassy hips, sweat, and a whole lot of fun!

I'm so grateful for the support, giveaways, and sweet dance moves everyone shared at our event.
And now it's time to get this party started!!!!

Check out our full schedule of classes, sign-up and bring a friend! Make sure you also subscribe to our email list to be the first to hear about special events!

Thanks again to everyone!



Congratulations, dear cousin and good luck with the new class.

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What Moms Are Saying

What Moms Are Saying
"Not only can I personally attest that Nacia is a great Doula but she's also a creative prenatal visionary. She has taken her prenatal "crunchy" knowledge and combined it with her love of dance. "Ready To Pop" is fun, engaging and makes any mom-to-be want to get up and shake her baby bump! This class is a must try! You won't be disappointed." Claire, General Manager Active Labor Gown

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