Do You Want Labor to be Shorter & Less Painful?

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Ready to POP! Dance Fitness isn't your average pregnancy fitness class. It’s a fun & sassy way to combine hip-opening movement and aerobic exercise for pregnant women. 

As a mom of 3, Birth Doula, and Dance Theater of Harlem trained dancer, I realized there were few exercise options available to pregnant & post-partum women. Our bodies are blessed with this AMAZING feminine energy---that needs to be honored and empowered.

The more fit you are the easier labor will be. So why not do something fun?

RTP incorporates simple ballet techniques for balance, contemporary movement for stamina, and stretching postures for breath connection---all to music that makes you wanna move!

Each workout is designed with a woman's body in mind, supporting her during pregnancy, and helping her to achieve a healthy balance after her baby arrives.

Did you know dancing during pregnancy can...

* aid in a shorter and easier labor

* relieve back pressure & help align your baby for birth

*build stamina and strength 

*tone & firm your whole body

* help reduce your risk of high blood 
pressure and gestational diabetes

Our ability to trust our bodies through discomfort with movement is what has allowed me to have three safe and healthy births, and a shorter recovery time. 

Come sweat a little with me, move your hips, and get Ready to POP!

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If you have a question or want to know how I can help you have the birth you deserve, shoot me a message. I can't wait to hear from you!

Ready to Pop is the dance fitness class women have been waiting for!
— Abby Epstein, The Business of Being Born
This class is a must try! You won’t be disappointed.
— Claire Rinaldi, Active Labor Gown